Podcast Tip 001

On twitter (@PodcastsInColor) I am always tweeting podcast tips! There's always some little thing I noticed while listening that I believe others might learn from. I am going to transfer a few of the tips I have posted + post more! Thanks for reading PodcastsInColor.com please feel free to comment with questions you want answered for future posts.



Your podcast name 

- Have you searched to see if your name is as creative as you thought namechk.com

Also searching your (future) podcast name on Twitter and Facebook is MUST! Podcasting is growing quickly an not all have figured out coming up in google but might have a presence on a social media.

You want the same name for your website and social media ex:

PodcastsInColor.com, Facebook.com/PodcastsInColor, Twitter.com/PodcastsInColor, Soundcloud.com/PodcastsInColor (saved in case I start a podcast)

An unique name can help your google results and when you come up with a hashtag for your podcast, so it can be similar to the name. Search the podcast name on twitter!


NPR training This article on NPR training website is on planning out a project, also includes a Google Doc as a takeaway to write out your project. Writing out your project will give you a better view of what you want from your podcast before recording.