Conversations with Dad

I candidly interviewed my dad (63, working husband and father of 5) on everything from his thoughts on womanhood to the keys to being happy. - Quinta B

(Not a regular podcast, just a conversation between a dad and daughter recorded)

Liked listening to this! Her dad is something special. Loved his words on how he views women who might not get married, how he views marriage, and what he thinks of his daughter, Qunita, standards.

It's D Murph did a two part episode with his dad that you can check out on SoundCloud 1-2, Apple Podcasts or looking for episode 24-25 of It's D Murph on your favorite podcast app.

A few Father's Day podcast honorable mentions...

Girl on Guy - Aisha interviews her dad

NPR - To Son: 'Live With Hands Unfolded ... Release Your Gifts To World'

Dormtainment - Rome sat down with his dad to talk about being the dad of comedian.