Podcast Tip 002

Podcast Twitter profile


Details details details! You do not have to be active everywhere but you should have a profile leading back to your podcast.

I listen to a podcast called The Handsome Rambler by Hannibal Buress. I love it! The podcast social media is...poor. This is the twitter. It's okay. At least it has the hosts @'s and there's website link, both correct. They usually post one link on post day from their personal accounts, they don't talk about it on the podcast so I have no idea if they post other places.




How To Kill An Hour has a GREAT twitter! They hit ALL the points you should.

Host names/@'s*

Show hashtag*

Android link*

Apple Podcasts Link*

Quick Quip*

You want to remember when creating any profile for your podcast, to have links that lead to find you other places, just in case you stop updating that medium. A good Twitter profile is just one of many things that will help with podcast promotion. Also don't forget about services like IFTTT and Buffer that can help with posting to multiple mediums.



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