Tidal On Air ...or podcasts who really knows

Oh Tidal. I’ve been waiting on this announcement.  I knew it was coming because it really was only a matter of time. When I saw the announcement I knew immediately my worst fears were confirmed, they didn't leave the NY entertainment bubble. Why is that so hard? To get into podcasting in 2017 with this start, it is unimaginable. This was a podcast network you start in 2015. In 2017 I expect you to release at the least something that seems like production time went into it before the announcements. They started this like like networks with no backing trying to build LAUGH OUT LOUD. Not even one produced storytelling podcast to start with? I don’t see the vision or believe in it. Nothing personal against any of the podcasts. They are great people, I loved Elliotts podcast with his wife but these five starting a network?


Frankly I’m tired.


Even now they are trying to wrap this news up in the building buzz for Jay Z’s album being only on Tidal during the first week of release. If they were going to do this news before the album, he should’ve been on someone's podcast or done his own with the album a la Corinne Bailey Rae with her album THSIW. That would’ve been a surprise, creative, not something you can find anywhere.


Articles on Tidal Podcasts some available now or whatever


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