The 1st #TheFirst20

Hey all! The First 20 is going to podcast reviews from Podcasts in Color! There are tons of podcasts an they all have their own sweet spot with timing. I am going with podcast data that says many listeners drop off after about 20 minutes "Longer podcasts should expect that 2/3rds of the audience is gone sometime between 20 and 60 minutes.” link to article so I want to get into what happens in the first 20.


The Unofficial Expert

Apple Podcasts - ComedyHype

Introduction music is good! Doesn't go over 15 seconds, anything over for me just makes me press skip. They start with banter an asking each other "What were you an expert in this week?" On this episode Marie says she was an expert in eating chicken wings and Sydnee was an expert in bike riding, she just bought a new bike an has shared a few funny stories of new biking experiences. This episode includes a story where she rides home late one night, just because she didn't want to leave her bike. All the episodes I've listened to the introduction has always been interesting and fun! They are good with their witty banter an not taking to long before introducing the guest.

Episode notes aren't good at all. Should have more details, host @'s, guest @'s, links to other places the podcast can be found etc. This is huge place they could improve. Episode notes are SEO gold for Google and Apple Podcasts.

Time: 1:00:04 They do well keeping the show around an hour. I like that just because they know they are funny, they don't try to prolong the podcast.

Audio was good! I've listened to a few episodes an there was only one where they added the guest the mic setup was weird. I was hard to listen to, didn't finish.

The Fixables are episode notes and since there's no podcast twitter account and Comedy Hype hosts a few podcasts they should have a podcast hashtag.

Overall Grade: B


(Wondering about podcast hashtags? Check out #TheReceiptsPodcast a good one to show how fans can spread the message of podcast when you don't have a twitter)

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