Podcast Tip 003

This tweet starts a thread on twitter I randomly began with advice for your first few five episodes.

I'm a believer in letting something you create grow! Love this word Myleik said on her podcast the other day (audio gram made by moi) episode link Staying In Your Lane

Five things you should know and think about before your first five episodes...

- Audio: This is the biggest thing people want to be good. Just because you are recording on Skype, Google Hangouts or a mic in an open room, doesn't mean the audio has to be bad or far away. Play around with this BEFORE putting out your first episode.

- Post Day: This is something people change after they see production needs more time or taping an editing on the same night isn't possible on a weekly basis. Maybe you start dropping on Wednesday's but learn Sunday morning's are easier for you. Be open, no day is the perfect day to get more listens.

-  Do I have enough time to do good episode notes? - Revision Path has great episode notes. Episode notes hold great SEO in Google and Apple Podcasts.

- Use the social media handle of choice NOT as a entertainment blog. Some twitter timelines are just a timeline of retweets of things they might talk about on the podcast. This is backwards. Your timeline should show the personalities of the podcast. Use your platform as a way to showcase the host(s) behind your podcast, podcast clips/funny phrases said/links to podcast on different forms,  so people tune in to be entertained no matter what the hosts are talking about weekly.

- Start with shorter episodes, under an hour. You can always go longer but starting shorter gives you a leg up as a new person trying your podcast out. A person new to podcasts seeing a two hour episode, even from a friend, can be a hard sale.


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