News from the week + Podcast Tip 004

Soundcloud is supposedly dying Tech Crunch -

If you have fragile feelings. Berry doesn't care (Twitter thread) If you have a problem with Berry correcting you, when you mess up her tags, you probably shouldn't use them. #Podin when you listen #PodsInColor for promo/ everything else. 

Panoply is taking ads to the next level Adweek - This was interesting, not sure if its going to be weird like Instagram.  For me instagram ads can feel invasive.

Did you like the podcast For Colored Nerds? You'll love The Nod Hello Beautiful

Audioboom is doing well "Surge in podcast listening sees AudioBoom boom" digitallook 


#PodcastTip of the week aka Podcast Tip 004

Making an Audiogram

Audiograms debuted Aug 1st 2016 by WNYC, they are a cool way to market your podcast an can be used on a varitey of platforms.

A good audiogram graphic - leads back to the podcast! It's not just showing the the hosts or shows name but has a link, hashtag or website on the graphic so people can EASILY search out the content where the audiogram is from. "How do people find me if someone shares this?" should ALWAYS be the question. Canva is a great place to make graphics for audiograms. 

Want to make one?

Paid platform WavveSpareMin has a free tool or you can Build Your Own audiogram- WNYC also has a best practices google doc to help

Honorable mention  This American Life has a tool you can use from the podcasts they choose to make audiograms on web and mobile

With Sparemin you need an audio clip under 5 minutes, a graphic and a little imagination. You can make them whatever you want but it takes time and trying over an over again. 

You can download audiograms to use on Instagram, twitter, Facebook or any social media platform. Berry likes them on Instagram, easy to repost! Berry believes you should keep them short, they should make a point and be about something. If you sent your audiogram to a friend, would they send back a response? If it's something your friend wouldn't respond to, it's probably not something strangers will either. 

One of Berry's first tries at Audiograms below. Not the best but we all have to start somewhere.