#Top2018Podcasts by @maayanplaut #PodcastTop5

This Top 5 was done by Ma'ayan Plaut, Podcast Librarian & Content Strategist at RadioPublic (@maayanplaut)

1. Hollywood in Color - Hollywood in Color is a new podcast telling the stories of the stars usually left out of entertainment history — the people of color in front of and behind the camera who have been representing for over a century. Host Diana Martinez has a PhD in film and media studies and has written for Slate, The Atlantic, and Women in Hollywood. 

2. Time Well Spent - A few minutes with Ronald aka ohitsbigron, hosting the show that nobody asked for, yet somebody is listening to.

3. Breaking Glass - Breaking Glass is a five-episode podcast that explores social justice through the lens of opera. Produced by the Glimmerglass Opera Festival and the WFMT Radio Network, this show challenges ideas of who opera is for and who should create it. Host Paige Hernandez and contributor Tazewell Thompson discuss, question, and challenge what stories are told in the world of opera and how they may look in the future. They engage creatives from across the opera community and draw from their own experiences as artists of color in a conversation steeped in creativity, humanity, honesty. Let’s raise our voices and break some glass. 

4. Heat and Light - 1968 transformed life in the U.S. forever. Join us as we go deep into six lesser-known stories from that year, guided by people who were so affected they devoted their lives to studying those events. From the students who rose up in protest to American TV's first interracial kiss, and from the roots of Silicon Valley to the beginning of the end of the "traditional" American family. Host Phillip Martin is our guide, and remembers his own 1968 as a sixth grader in inner-city Detroit. Brought to you by The Conversation US, on the fiftieth anniversary of the year that changed America.

5. The Interview - Three individuals (Alex, Brian & Claire) are invited for a job interview that will change their lives. Driven by different motives, each candidate must prove that they are best qualified for the job however, things quickly take a turn for the worst when they realize that this interview is unlike anything they've done before.