Black Panther Podcasts! Five Under An Hour

I made it my mission to check out podcasts published by Monday/Tuesday, that we under an hour, after Black Panther weekend. I wanted to see who was bringing it the hardest with their Black Panther recaps/reviews after the record breaking weekend. I have friends who saw it twice by Sunday so we were all spoiler podcast READY! These are five podcasts I listened an LOVED covering Black Panther. They are filled with spoilers because the movie is out, go see it or go away.

My recommendations in the order i'd say to listen.

1. We Sink Our Claws Into "Black Panther" with Ta-Nehisi Coates (links to podcast page no direct link to the episode...wish there was though) -  Ta-Nehisi brings a different from writing comics about Black Panther that's refreshing to hear.

2. Wakanda Forever Three critics hold a spoiler-filled discussion of Black Panther (Slate Represent) - I loved this review the most.  Loved the varying opinions about the famous line about where to be buried and the multifaceted views this review gave about scenes in the film.

3. Wokekanda Report: Black Panther Review and Analysis Part 1 of 2 (Stay Woke!) - This review is only a part one of two, it does  really well with character breakdowns.

4. We Going to Wakanda!  (That's What She Said) - This review was great because of the connections they made to Black Lightening! I was yelling because I didn't think about it until they said it. Great points made.

5. An Extraordinary Black Panther Review Feat. J of Tea With Queen & J and Law Ware ( The Extraordinary Negroes) - J of Tea with Queen & J, says so many things in this podcast that has be thinking and I cannot wait to go back an watch again after listening to this review.  Loved the prompts used in this episode, really helped them cover the entire movie in a short amount of time. This podcast also helped 60 people see the movie for FREE! That's real ass love because not everyone could afford to see it.




Bonus Episode: The Design of Black Panther (Revision Path) - I LOVEDDDD this episode of Revision Path with designers talking about Black Panther. They covered how the colors work in the film, the design within the film and more. It's 62 minutes but worth every second!



What I loved most about listening to all five of these podcasts, every episode has a different take on the bury me with my ancestors line. Each one made me think about my first reaction and how I will take in on the second watch.


Have a Black Panther episode to add? Leave it in the comments