@Crissles Top Five Reads

...so far


Say No To Fuck Boys

(starts @ 54:00)

"This fuckboy behavior, we've put up with it for long enough. Ladies and freethinking men, it is time to put your feet down. I’m over this bullshit. And I’m not going to be fucking nice about it anymore either. Women have been nice about men being stupid, misogynistic dickheads for way too long, and I’m over it. I’m not holding your raggedy ass nigger hand. I’m not walking you through the basics of being a decent fucking man. Get your shit together and act like you have some gotdamn sense or else Imma read the fuck out of you, bitch. And I don’t give a fuck about nothing. "


transcribed the entire read herself


I loved this read. I scream every listen, she goes IN! I appreciate this read from the bottom on my heart! She also created a sweater with this saying on it you can buy 



The Upheaval 

      (starts @ 38:00) This was the Mike Brown/Ferguson episode. They did a combined read on the bullshit that went down in Ferguson & read the NAACP for their response to the situation. This was a great read because they got out all my feelings, they have all the words, an I needed it! I wanted to hear someone who looked and thought, like me, to talk about the situation an this is what they gave me.




starts @ 46:00)

"I'm not here for your desire. I'm not here to turn you on. I'm not  here to make you horny. I'm not here to fulfill your sexual desires. I'm here for girls. And not even just like in a sexual way. I'm here for the upliftment of women. That's my shit! That's what I do! I don't give a fuck about being sexy to you. You can actually kiss my ass about being sexy. This is not a concern of mine, it's not a priority. I'm here for other shit. So leave me the fuck alone about what you think I should look like or act like or whatever the fuck else cause its not my business and I don't give a shit about it."


Friendly Reminders

(starts @ 53:00) 


link to KidFury's

A Woman's Work


Leave Drake Alone

        (starts @ 1:03:00) 

"Sometimes no answer, is your answer. "  

Crissle spoke a WORD during this read! It spoke to my spirit. I was talking to a guy at the time and I was asking a question multiple times and he wasn't answering. I listened to this and took the message the world was sending.  Sometimes we need to let go & we need to hear someone say these words. I passed this read to manyyyyy friends. Most of Crissles reads speak to me this way. 

As you can see Crissle always has a read that is ready to touch you when needed. This was the show that put me on podcasts. Without this show I doubt i would have looked for more black podcasts. Anywho right now they are asking for submissions to where to have live shows in the future so feel free to tweet "#BringTheRead to Denver" for me. We all need

The Green Experiment