The first thing I look for when I'm looking for a podcast is an twitter account. Not everyone does this, I'm just a twitter chick. I understand its the easiest way to get a message out or have a conversation with fans of your show, so I don't get why you wouldn't have an account.

The second thing I look for is a hashtag to tag when I post about the podcast on any social media site. #TheRead has me spoiled because the title is easy & enough posts are in Google, so you can Google #TheRead and find all the info you want on their podcast <3. Having a simple hashtag makes your podcast wayyyyy more likable to me.

The third thing I look for consistency. Do you post weekly on the same day? Do you update your blog/twitter/facebook? I know at this point I'm not searching for things that should be simple. Links to your podcast wherever its posted should be on your first page of your site. Having an soundcloud/pod-a-matic embedded is the easiest because it means anyone can just press play without clicking or searching.

The fourth is do you engage with your fans? Some speak to fans during the podcast but outside of that they don't get in the comment section and engage. If you aren't engaging, no one is staying. Think of it like Scandal or Empire. They both are huge because fans on twitter went crazy live tweeting & laughing together. If you know you have someone to talk about a with, you are more likely to tune into a show, so you are ready to engage at work, on twitter/facebook, group messages with friends. The biggest example of this is when music is released on twitter & everyone listens because everyone else is listening and then everyone starts commenting like crazy. You cant buy that kind of buzz.