Things Im working on adding...

An TheRead section because of course my love for them will be shown. They are who got me into podcasts on the regular so I will be including things on them. I am their number one fan, see me on Life As But a Read. See those hugs? See those smiles? They accepted me as #1.

So because I love them so much I don't want to beg them for stuff I could probably, maybe, do like an f.a.q. page on questions they answer regularly or tracking the Black Excellence just in case someone wants to find one of the stories. I get now, how when you get into podcast and its been on a few years, you have questions they are thoroughly sick of answering. So something to show my love, that hopefully they wont be offended by, the goal. 

Today I listened to LastNameBasis & GoodAndTerrible show, also live tweeted over on the @PodcastsInColor twitter account. Going to try to do this with at least one podcast a day. This is taking shape, thanks for joining the journey.