Ten Of The Best Episodes Of 2018 #Top2018Podcasts

  1. #75: Actor Bambadjan Bamba Comes Out as Undocumented - Aisha Harris talks to actor Bambadjan Bamba of Suicide Squad, The Good Place, and the upcoming Black Panther. He shares why he came out as undocumented and asks Hollywood to stand with immigrants in the industry, including those under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, also known as DACA. Learn more about Bamba’s #StandWithBamba campaign here, and read more in Slate about DACA here.  

2. If You Have To Write A Book Report, We Got You - This week on Bag Ladiez we talking about the usual aka people not knowing how to act. We discuss Roxanne Gay’s article on fatphobia in the Netflix show Insatiable, a white woman’s “harmless” activities (hint hint: they’re not) and we follow up on the story of DeAndre Harris who was attacked by 4 white men during the racist gathering of white men in Charlottesville last year.

In “What’s your baggage” we discuss knowing when to let people back in after they’ve walked away. Do they deserve a chance and how can you change your relationships once this has happened?

For “Put It In Your Bag” this week Lina is talking about the Canadian show Kim’s Convenience which features an all Asian cast and Estephanie talks about the South Korean drama series “My ID is Gangnam Beauty.”

Finally for our rotating theme we’re in a back to school mood and are reading an excerpt from on our fave classic movies/books and Estephanie wraps it up with a weekly affirmation!

Use #UnpackBG to let us know what you’re leaving behind this summer and looking forward to this fall!!

3. The Fordham Orchard Pelham Beach Park Zoo feat. @Its_AKing - This week we were privileged and super hyped to be able to sit down with a legend. He's contributed to the culture of hip hop entertainment media in so many ways. From working as the program director at PNC Radio, to hosting the BLAP Producer Series, curating the first "Bring Your Own Blogger (BYOB)" event, all the way to becoming the Executive Producer of the LEGENDARY Combat Jack Show, King takes us on a journey throughout the majority of his entire career. Along with various other stories, King shares a #SurvivorStory that could have changed the course of his life as he knew it forever! This episode is filled with gems, bars, laughs, and culture.

4. Episode 46: Latinas Who Brunch - Hello hello helloooo (que show que show que show)! We're changing things un poquito today in honor of our podcast amigos Latinos Who Lunch, whose Radio Lonchea homages to our format inspired us to return the favor. This one's definitely a different one for us! We're ditching the música (just for this week!) to have a long-form convo about our podcast, the rationale choices that we've made behind the scenes, sexism and misogyny in podcasting, name and gender anxiety, and a little bit about our lives outside of Radio Menea.

5. Bonus Episode - The Design of Black Panther - Marvel Studios’ Black Panther is a bonafide box office smash, having amassed over $400 million in ticket sales worldwide. After chatting with so many people about the movie, I knew I had to do something for the podcast…and here it is! In this special bonus episode, I sit down with Jordan Green, Regine Gilbert and Paul Anthony Webb and talk about the inspiration, design and music that helped bring the movie to life. By the way, this episode is filled with spoilers, so you’ve been warned! Wakanda forever! 


6. Episode 14 Louis York (Claude Kelly & Chuck Harmony) Spotify premium - Louis York is comprised of Grammy Award nominated songwriter and producer duo, Claude Kelly and Chuck Harmony. After writing and producing songs for artists such as Britney Spears, Fantasia, Ledisi, and Bruno Mars, the two have created Louis York to bring R&B back to life.

7.  The Legend of RZA and The Last Airbender - A young man named Eric embarks on an epic quest to figure out why so many Black folks love kung fu. He seeks the wisdom of two teachers, including RZA of The Wu-Tang Clan and the lead martial arts consultant on "Avatar: The Last Airbender." Will he discover what it takes to become a true master?

8. Episode 64 - Boonie Gets Grown with Tykeia Nicole - In this episode, Boonie is joined by Dr. Tykeia Robinson, better known as Keia of Gettin Grown podcast. We have an amazing conversation about leveling up and balancing your professional pursuits with your personal passions. Keia shares her vision for the movement that is #TeamTypingFast. We even discuss single girl woes of dating while booked and busy.   

9. Devi Brown: How to Apply "Purpose" - A delightful conversation with Devi Brown about her pathway to purpose. Devi Brown is a communicator on a mission to connect people with the worlds inside, and outside, of themselves. She has spent more than a decade hosting radio and television shows from coast-to-coast. Today, through radio, TV and podcasting, as well as workshops, speaking and her company, Karma Bliss, Devi is connecting hungry, young people with spiritualism that’s relevant and beneficial to their lives.

10. Episode 86: We Come From Queens - We’ve been telling y’all for quite some time now that we come from Queens. We think it’s finally time for you to meet the Queens we’ve been referencing! This week, our special guests are our moms. In this special Mother’s Day episode we chat with them about their influence & how it has shaped us as we evolve into our own type of Queens.

Unpacking Typical Black Mom Quotes

"Do you have McDonald's money?"
"You better shut up before I give you something to cry about."
"I'm not one of your little friends."
"I hope you know that school work like you know them songs."
"Didn't I tell you..."
"You smell like outside."
"If someone hits you first, you hit them back."