Pop Culture

1000 Jumpers (soundcloud) - iOS - Google Play - A podcast of two friends who discuss everything from sports, music, pop culture and everything in between.

2 Awkward Millennials (soundcloud) - iOSKay Cee and Hendrix are 2 awkward millennials talking pop culture and common generational themes with a battle of the sexes feel. This socially inept couple are exploring all aspects of life and love while sharing more then a few laughs in the process.

2 Kids From The Bronx (podbean) - iOS - A well rounded entertainment podcast hosted by Tahch and J. Rosa. Touching on everything from pop culture to politics and whatever else crosses our minds.

2 Pesewas (tunein) - iOS - soundcloud - 2 Pesewas is a weekly podcast hosted by Edi and Peaches. Broadcasting from Ghana, the ladies discuss a range of issues from lowbrow to high: Hot button headlines, music to love and discover, and things that make you say WTF?! Unapologetically honest, incisive, and humourous, there’s never a dull moment.

3fifspodcast - iOS - stitcher -  We're growing podcast comprised of four hosts, two Black men and two Black women. We typically record and post a new episode on Thursday/Friday. We cover current events, pop culture, nerd/geek culture and other subject matter that is of interest to Black millennials. 

Both Sides (soundcloud) - iOS - Both Sides Podcast is a pop culture and social commentary podcast hosted by two first generation Africans Gloria Gobah and Chima Onukwuru. Tune in every week as they give you their unfiltered opinions on society, race, relationships, tv, music and everything else in between - from both sides.

But Why Tho? - iOS - Pop Culture matters, but why tho? Every week, Kate, Adrian, and Matt talk about the things that people say matter and ask the question: but why tho?

Catch The Tea iOS - soundcloud - Every week A Tru Lady spills the tea on air but she is taking tea spilling to another level with #CatchTheTea Podcast, produced by Kenn 7even. A Tru Lady speaks her mind, and she has no filters. A Tru Lady sits down with guest weekly to talk about pop culute, answer listeners letters, and more.

Don't Take it Personal (iOS) - Tune in every week as these ladies give their individual perspectives on pop culture, everyday life and so much more. The three friends are natives of Milwaukee, WI. With such busy lives, they still find time to link up for laughs and good conversation. So remember, nothing that's said is intended to offend, so join in and....Don't Take it Personal!!!

Dope on the table Podcast (link tree) - Nothing but the Real & Raw on all things culture.
HOSTED BY: Jayo Kane, Sley & Alex
(Montreal , Québec, Canada)

Down to Watch (libsyn) - iOS - A husband and a wife give their takes on TV, movies and music.

Equal Opposites (stitcher) - iOS - Each week Jon & Chelle talk about their live, the biggest news in the urban pop culture and recap the latest episodes of their favorite shows.

Everyday Ignorance (soundcloud) - iOS Everyday Ignorance is a POC podcast dealing with everything from pop culture to complete ignorance. The podcast is Only Entertainment so if your an "ole stick in the mud" this podcast is NOT for you! Guaranteed Laughs. Tune in Weekly for new episodes with your host Nina and co host Monique, X, and Jay.

Everything Is Trash (soundcloud) - Mike and Ces connect every week to discuss the ups and downs of pop culture and the trash that is life. Welcome to Everything Is Trash.

Extra Gravy (soundcloud) - iOS - We discuss pop culture topics and what we'll do with the time we have left in this life.

Fix It Black Jesus - iOS - stitcher - Fix it Black Jesus is a weekly podcast presented by Ayesha McGowan & Laura Solís. Follow along as they discuss their new lives on the left coast, politics, and everything black from successes to embarrassments in the community.

Get The Belt (acast) - iOS - castbox - Hosted by three creatives with lots to say in there own segments titled Segments 'SpiritualiTea', 'Myles Measures' & 'YAS with Cash'. Other segments include 'Melanin Magnificence' that celebrates Black achievers. 'Word of The Week' that focuses on self help and improvement & 'Get The Belt' where they dish out a good tongue lashing cuss! (London, UK)

Headwraps And Lipsticks (soundcloud) - iOSPlentiful. Thought-provoking. Charming.  Fun. Come on a journey with two HBCU alumni, Sharelle and Sierra, for a weekly discussion covering topics from politics to pop culture to current events!

Inside Pop (soundcloud) - iOS Inside Pop takes a deep dive inside the week in Pop Culture. Each week the hosts, Amita Patel and Sean David Johnson, bring their knowledge of the entertainment industry along with their diverse viewpoints to cover the stories you need to know about and care about. The duo bring a welcome diversity (they are African American and Indian; Male and Female, Gay and Straight, Married and Single) into the pop culture podcasting landscape.

Jade and X. D. (Google Play) - iOS -  Jade & X.D. is a hilarious podcast hosted by best friends Jade & X.D.! Tune in every week for their brand of humor and social commentary on today's issues

Know Wright No Wrong (iOS) - Google Play - This isn't your ordinary hip hop culture podcast - each episode Matt, Arii B, and Bre and sit down to discuss the hot topics of the culture from a creative perspective all while trying to change the concept of cool.

Loose Talk (soundcloud) - iOSYour favourite podcast! Discussing Pop culture, dropping knowledge. Loose Talk delves into trending topics happening all around the world discussing Media, Celebrities, Lifestyle, Sex, Sports, Politics, Tech, Religion, Movies and TV, Radio, Music and much more. It is hosted by journalists Osagie Alonge, Steve Dede and Ayomide Tayo. (Nigeria based)

Melanin Jay - Black AF (soundcoud) - iOSIn this podcast, Mel and Jay take deep dives into pop culture looking through the lens of blackness.

Mocha Minutes (libsyn) - iOS - A melanated beauty who likes to discuss politics, social issues, ratchet reality TV, Sports, my single life and anything else that pops up in my head

Not That Deep (soundcloud) - We are a podcast made by two young black millennials trying to navigate spirituality, the ever-allusive STEM degree, growing up, and being at a PWI. All things pop culture, petty, & problematic brought to you by the two young queens over at Not That Deep!

OkGirl! (soundcloud) - iOS - Google Play - Ok, Girl! is a podcast started by educators, businesswomen, friends, and moms--Zuqueta and Timmi. Their 20 year friendship includes their weekly “debriefs” on pop culture, life, parenting, and love. Join them for their love of trap music, special guests, and listen to see who gets the “Ok, Girl” of the week!

Oversaturated: The Podcast (soundcloud) - iOS - Google Play - Oversaturated: The Podcast . We Debate Music, Movies, & Pop Culture

POC is a show about four friends of color coming
together to give their opinions on pop culture, social justice, and bullshit.

Podcast, Breh (iOS) - Talking about Pop Culture & Randomness. The south got something to say!

POPLAW (soundcloud) - iOS - Two NYC attorneys, keeping it real about pop culture and entertainment law.

Power Trippin (soundcloud) - 4-way crossroads where gossip gets tossed up, entertainment gets tainted, and political correctness gets wrecked... An orgasmic mixture of randomness, comedy, and pop culture! #POWER⚡️TRIPPIN

Public Service Announcement (podbean) - iOS - Spotify- Public Service Announcement is a weekly podcast recorded in New York, NY. Hosts Robbie Digital, Bones and Saul Goodman are urban Millennials of color that discuss the successes and frustrations of adulting; the upcoming releases within music, TV and film, and fashion; and the current events that impact their generation, community and generation.

raging black girl: the podcast (anchor) - iOS - Spotify - meet ray soleil. a 20-something black woman who is a mix between daria morgendorfer, peridot, & lemongrab. listen to her rant & ramble about pop culture, social issues, adulting, & whatever else is going on with black twitter. welcome to the rage.

Random Acts Of Podcast - iOS - soundcloud -  RAOPodcast is a weekly online podcast hosted by  @DevinDavinci & @ampaveli. Join me and a guest as we talk about life, sports, pop culture & current events. And answer questions from the listeners. 

Rules of Dumb (iOS) - With pop-culture as the backdrop, the duo explores and slaughter sacred cows. René and Ben dig into conventional ideas and explore alternative viewpoints all while finding the comedy in these commonly accepted notions.

RuPaul: What's The Tee? - iOS -  RuPaul and his cohost Michelle Visage discuss pop culture, advice, beauty advice and behind the scenes of their hit show, RuPaul’s Drag Race.

ShadeVSations (linktree) - Pop Culture - irreverently

Single Simulcast - iOS - Single Simulcast is your favorite podcasters favorite podcast

Sit With Us (soundcloud) - iOS - Sit With Us is a podcast dedicated to addressing current social issues, pop culture, and any other topics that tickles our fancy.

So Boom Podcast (soundcloud) - iOS - Listen as Jasmine and Addy break down pop culture, politics, race, gender and identity through hilarious and refreshing intellectual banter. On any given episode they may psychoanalyze narcissistic rappers who exploit legitimate social platforms for their individual power, lament this new reality in which “Kylie Jenner eats cereal for the first time” is a national trending topic, & commiserate about their heterosexuality in a world where men proudly refuse to wash their hands after using the restroom. They didn’t sign up for this shit.

So Well Spoken - iOS - Spotify -  The Black Culture podcast. A round table to discuss race relations, current events, entertainment and pop culture.

Sobremesa (soundcloud) - iOS - Hosted by old friends Ana Cecilia Vargas and Winston Rivas, Sobremesa Podcast is a Latinx Pop-Cultura podcast that covers the latest in Latinx Pop-Cultura and interviews those who are shaping the Latinx Cultura.

Straight to the League (soundcloud) - iOS - In a world full of associates The Don No Trump & Shortbustimmy try to bring people together as friends. Catch our weekly 7 Day Bender, Trap Verse, The Great Debate, and interviews with movies and shakers in the 412 and beyond.

Talkin' Greasy (soundcloud) - iOS - Kim -- a black feminist -- and Darnell -- a provocateur-- bring in guests to share a few laughs and join in the weekly Tug-o-War about race, culture, and millennial life.

Tea in the Shade (podbean) - iOS Hilariously uncensored pop culture podcast hosted by your favorite foul-mouthed southern belles Petty Kash and Shadee Nae.

Tea with Tami (SoundCloud) - iOSTea With Tami is a sometimes weekly podcast show hosted by @TheTamiJ about everything black, hip hop, trending, tea & more. WOULD YOU LIKE A SIP?

TK in The AM TK in The AM is a safe space, strong language, hi- octane, often hilarious, sometimes deathly serious, interactive morning radio experience.Hosts TK (TastyKeish) and Conscious break down current events while taking you through the week with new music and guests and a specific energy for each day. 

That's What She Said (soundcloud) - iOS Hosted by Tee and Von That's What She Said is a weekly podcast that discusses pop culture, politics and relationships. Also, we love being black.

The Awakened Soul (iOS) - Google Play - A weekly podcast for an insightful & vivifying look at Music, Movies and Media and how they relate culturally & globally! Hosted by CEOHaize

The Brew (soundcloud) - We discuss everything going on in pop culture. Sports, music, and politics. We are based out of Cincinnati and we have guests on that have a following in the city and beyond.

The Fragmented Whole (Overcast) - iOS - Google Play - The Fragmented Whole critiques pop culture and current events by magnifying how historically marginalized demographics combine tangible and intangible resources to combat structural inequities.

The John Effect (soundcloud) - A weekly podcast that's 1 part Urban Pop Culture, 1 part Social Issues and a dash of Current Events thrown in the mix from the perspective of a 30 something Afro Cuban Gay Male.

The Kickin`It Wi th Kysii Show - iOSspeakerA discussion on topics you want to stay engaged into, such as social issues, music, sports, politics and more

The Mandem (soundcloud) - A weekly link up with the Mandem talkaline about the weeks events. Honest and unfiltered conversation.

The Midnight Marauders - iOS - stitcher -  The Midnight Marauders (Derrick Darko and Markus Von Doom) are Two Dope Philly Kids Talking about Music, Movies, and Pop culture in a weekly podcast.

The Nerds of Color (soundcloud ) - iOS - Pop culture with a different perspective.

The Nostalgia Mixtape Podcast (podbean) - iOS - The Nostalgia Mixtape celebrates pop culture memories from the 80s-2000s and new things with a #tbt vibe that give us the feels.

The Opinionated Bruhtha Podcast (iOS) - Animated, DUH. Educated, OF COURSE. Black, WHAT DO YOU THINK?? Welcome to The Opinionated Bruhtha Podcast. New Episode air every Monday Morning.

The Outspken Siblings (soundcloud) - iOS - Google Play - Siblings Monté and Toni meet on the corner of Pop Culture and Petty to unpack the latest in current events, life, love, pop culture and more on this bi-weekly podcast.

The PopLife Podcast - iOS  - soundcloud -  Three seasoned NYC Entertainment Industry veterans (Jeff Sledge, Naima Cochrane, and Shawn Young) give their experienced opinions on pop culture and current events. From the latest trending topics online and reality tv recaps to world news and historic moments, the Poplife crew both entertain and inform, doing it all with their unique chemistry.

The Read iOS - soundcloud - Join Kid Fury and Crissle for their weekly podcast covering hip-hop and pop culture's most trying stars. Throwing shade and spilling tea with a flippant and humorous attitude, no star is safe from Fury and Crissle unless their name is Beyoncé. (Or Blue Ivy.) As transplants to NYC, The Read also serves as an on-air therapy session for two friends trying to adjust to life and rats in the big city.

The School Daze (iOS) - The School Daze is a weekly podcast that covers pop culture & current events.

The Shade and Sh*t Talking Podcast (Spotify) - iOS - Google Podcasts - An unapologetic, unfiltered, and unflinching recap of the previous week's events from a Black perspective, laced with facts, and humor

The Shenopsis (iOS) - Four social media influencers bringing your edurachet group chats to life

The Voice Of Mail Podcast - podbean - We use voicemail messages submitted through a very easy to use weblink as talking points for trending news topics, pop culture and fun trivial thoughts

The White Pants Society - iOS - soundcloudWe are a startup Podcast, and entertainment blog. Rooted in satire and comedy, we aim to bring levity and understanding to cultural and world issues. The goal is to be un-apologetically honest, non-biased, and equal opportunity a$$holes to all.

Two Wise Jawns (soundcloud) - iOS - stitcher Two besties with oh so wise, but mostly fiyah takes on the world around them. From Kanye to Karreuche, from Bernanke to Yellen, from Philly to Harlem, from Hillman to Winchester - we're two basic jawns here for you. Every episode we focus on a theme and the hot topics du jour.

Urban X Podcast (audioboom) - Urban X is a platform for millennials to share their ideas, expertise, and give in-depth analysis of the aspects that create the total "Urban X-pereince."

Who’s 2 Blame (soundcloud) - Sports, entertainment and music

Words With Wade (soundcloud) - iOS - Google Play - Join UNCUTmagazine.net's Editor in Chief Wade Bloggs as he's joined by his friends G Li and Ari as they cover everything in hiphop, to new music to news to current events and much much more #WordsWithWade is UNCUT talk with friends.

Young Black & Opinionated  - iOS Soundcloud -  Three young black millennials discussing popular topics in today's society. Join Lacie, Mwanje, and Reese every Sunday afternoon to get a hilarious yet insightful opinion of the world through their eyes.  #ybopodcastmke