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Be Bitwise (iOS) - Educational tech podcast with a specific mission to encourage more people of color and women to enter the field of technology.

Black N' Animated (Podbean) - iOS - Google Play - An animation podcast to educate, inform and inspire black artists pursuing careers in animation.

Cybrcast (iOS) - A technology podcast with 4 passionate beings. We also have a great feature called the Music Corner with Tosh.

El Valle de los Tercos (blubrry) - iOSThe first podcast about Latinos in Silicon Valley, every two weeks in Spanish.

Function - Google Podcasts - iOS - On Function, entrepreneur, activist and writer Anil Dash sits down with the developers behind some of the world's best-known apps, games and services, and also talks with users, critics and culture experts to unpack the effects of these features.

I See Pixels - iOS - stitcher - Two brothers discuss topics related to graphic design, web design and diversity.

Level Edit (stitcher) - Spotify - iOS - Ever wondered what goes into making great video games? We discuss all things game development including the details of game design, the business side of things and the industry as a whole. Joined by indies and industry pros, we'll give you an insight into the world of games and making them better. Hosted by a developer, a game designer & a games UX-er who all have very strong opinions!

of10podcast - iOS - stitcher - of10podcast is a 10 episode series hosted by tech entrepreneur and former radio personality Will Lucas. On the podcast, Will interviews prominent tech personalities to discuss startups, venture capital, education, and the like.

PsychTech - iOS - Google PlayThe Psychology and Technology Podcast

Revision Path - iOS - A showcase of the world's Black web designers, graphic designers, web developers, and more! Weekly interviews hosted by @mauricecherry.

SMRPodcast - iOS - Chris Ashley, Robb Dunewood, and Rod Simmons get together to talk about the latest news in technology

snobOS - Spotify - iOS - The podcast for Apple snobs from the perceptive of 2 black techies in Atlanta.

Tech Forward - iOS - Stitcher A weekly podcast focused on diversity in tech. Each week, I interview tech founders, venture capitalists, industry leaders and diversity champions to share stories and discuss the challenges and possible solutions for improving representation in the sector.

Technocrats (iOS) - Nobody talks tech like WE talk tech! Welcome to Technocrats; your weekly tech show aimed at supplying you with the latest in gadgetry, tech news and product demos for the layman tech enthusiast! Watch and explore the digital world that surrounds us today, and let us prepare you for the future! You can reach us on twitter at @TheSphereTV with the hashtag Technocrats.

Techpedition - Technology ramblings and entertainment from the Techpedition pundits.

The Black Urbanist Radio Show - Kristen Jeffers on design, urban planning, transportation, architecture, and life as a black woman in the modern world. Plus, other people, places and spaces from throughout the African Diaspora.

WashingTECH Tech Policy (iHeartRadio) - iOS - Google Play - Founded in September 2015, the WashingTECH Tech Policy Podcast is the oldest, consistently-updated, Washington, D.C.-based podcast focused on the top tech law and policy debates driving the tech and communications sectors.

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