Wellness segments ALL OF 2016

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1. Jan. 6th 2016 (Luther music added)

Make It, Maintain (soundcloud)  Apple Cider Vinegar

Good for detoxing it, Fran talk about bathing with it she uses Braggs 

Small Biz asimsupremeproducts.com

2. Jan. 13th 2016 

I Like It Like That (soundcloud)   What is PH balance? Expanded from Apple Cider Vinegar conversation on staying healthy. What is being Acidic/Alkaline balance? 

3. Jan. 20th 2016

Cuffing Season's Greetings (soundcloud)  Natural remedy for replacement of Couch Syrup

-Two table spoons of lemon juice, 1 table spoon of raw honey, a pinch of cayenne pepper heated up. for the g's you can add (crush onion) also



4. Jan. 27th 2016

We're Not Gonna Take It (soundcloud) Feet care espon salt/pumose stone 

Epsom Salt - bit.ly/EpsomSaltSoak
Jamaican Black Castor Oil - bit.ly/JBCOMoisture

5. Feb. 3rd 2016

Missy in the Matrix (soundcloud) Personailty test 

Wellness Segment: www.16personalities.com

6. Feb. 10th 2016

Call Out Culture (soundcloud) - A way to practice Yoga at home 

Wellness Segment: bit.ly/Free30DayYogaCamp

7. Feb. 17th 2016

Coloring Book and Chill (soundcloud)  - Adult Coloring books 

Wellness Segment: bit.ly/AmazonColoringBooks

8. Feb 24th 2016

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (soundcloud

(honarable mentions St Johns wart or valerian)

15-20 drops in water before bed to calm your body

Wellness Segment: www.localharvest.org/passionflower-tincture-C11452 


9. March 2nd 2016

Respectability Politics (soundcloud

Deep Breathing and how it helps with you life 

10.  March 8th 2016

Color Me Bad (soundcloud)  Headaches Fran creates a three oil kit that will help with different types of headaches

Creating a kit Lavender, Peppermint and Haiba oil 

11. March 16th 2016

Color Blocking (soundcloud) Books recommended by Fran

(amazon links)

Alchemist Book of secretes Osho/Emotion Wellness * Four agreementsSecret of Letting GoRetrain Your Anxious Brain

12. March 23, 2016

Dearly Beloved (Soundcloud) Free apps recommended by Fran 

sleepcycle * Recolor Android - iTunes * Swerk It AndroidiTunes * Fooducate Android - iTunes * Head Space Android - iTunes

13. March 30, 2016

My Damn Instagram (Soundcloud) Fran's recommendations to stay tapped in but take a break at the same time

Netflix shows(anything not on netflix has website link) House of Cards - Mississippi Damned - Food Ink -Food Matters - Cooked - Cowspiracy -Black Mirror - Run - Black Power Mixtape -

14. April 6th, 2016

#Flint (Soundcloud

Gratitude Jar - Every night before you go to bed write down everything good that happened. Rip up each part and put it in the jar. Allows you to shift your focus before bed and shirt your life. 

15. April 13th, 2016

Was It Something I said (Soundcloud

Ableism - is discrimination and social prejudice against people with disabilities.Ableism characterizes persons as defined by their disabilities, and as inferior to the non-disabled. wikipedia

Cis-\Gender - denoting or relating to a person whose self-identity conforms with the gender that corresponds to their biological sex; not transgender. google

Gender Binary - The gender binary, also referred to as gender binarism (sometimes shortened to just binarism), is the classification of sex and gender into two distinct, opposite and disconnected forms of masculine and feminine. It is one general type of a gender system wikipedia

Gender Queer - a person who does not subscribe to conventional gender distinctions but identifies with neither, both, or a combination of male and female genders. google 

Preferred Gender Pronoun - A gender-specific pronoun is a pronoun associated with a particular grammatical gender, such as masculine, feminine, or neuter, or with a biological gender (or sex), i.e. female or male. Examples are the English third-person personal pronouns he and she. google 

Transgender - denoting or relating to a person whose self-identity does not conform unambiguously to conventional notions of male or female gender. google

16. April 20th, 2016

Cut It. But Love It. (Soundcloud) Learning to produce and create content even when things are going on in your personal life

* Every Sunday Fran sits and writes down her goals for the week form laundry to store visits. She then puts the activities in the days of the week but allows room for the activities to change around by date. 

"The hardest part is just showing up" - Fran.

Chani Nicholas Full Moon.jpg

17. April 27th, 2016

The Album Came Out (Soundcloud)

Full Moon Ritual 

Write down all the things you want to release and burn the paper during the full moon. 

Spring Cleaning/Seasonal Cleaning 

18. May 4th, 2016 

It Aint For Everybody (Soundcloud)

Fran challenges Dustin and Assante to 30 days of No Complaining/No Shading/No Negative Talk. The challenge is, it will make you more aware of negative of a person you are. 

Action: Start with a rubber band on your left hand. Every time you have a negative thought, reset your clock by switching the rubber hands.

"Negativity interferes with how your brain works" - HeyFranHey

19. May 11th, 2016

Just to Get By (Soundcloud) Numerology / Life Path (The Life Path is the most important number in your numerology chart and is derived from your date of birth. ... Begin by converting the month, day, and birth year to *single digits and adding them together. The total sum is further reduced by adding the remaining digits together until a *single digit is obtained.) tokenrock

Life Path - You can use my Life Path Calculator to the right to find out your Life Path Number. If you have any questions regarding the calculation method I use, and the reasoning behind it, please visit my page on How to Calculate your Life Path Number, and if you are unsure, or would like to know exactly how your Life Path Number is calculated, feel free to leave me a note below with your date of birth.  seventhlifepath

20. May 18th, 2016

Boys Don't Cry ft Tax Stone (Soundcloud

(rape culture was being discussed)  Dustin, Assante & TaxStone Answer.

*What advice do you have for kids that feel like they are performing at school? 

*What advice do you'll have for single mom's raising sons? How do they create an environment that will create healthy men?

Taxstone The Friend Zone.png

*What advice do you have for grown men to try to open up?

21. May 25th, 2016

Do it. (Soundcloud

Create two lists of sex life you really want 

1. The of the type of sex you are having

2. The type of sex you want 

and compare the lists to figure out what you can change. 

22. June 1st, 2016

I Gotta Be Me (Soundcloud)  C.S.A. community supported agriculture

JustFood.org or Local Harvest.org you put your zip code in to find local farmers 

23. June 8th, 2016

What Are You? (Soundcloud) Fran's youtube video Activated charcoal (made from coconut shells) for teeth whitening

Fran's pick ~> Activated Coconut Shell Charcoal Fine Husk Food Grade Powder amazon

24. June 15th, 2016

We Gon Be Alright (Soundcloud


Picture your life as a movie and rewrite your life. Most journaling is about the complaints of life but it's time to change how your brain thinks. Write down the life you want down to the details.

"Through designing this life it's giving you something to do and its giving you instruction. You're creating your blueprint. - Fran

25. June 22nd, 2016

I Gotta Have It (Soundcloud

Fran highlights a friend Instagram.com/Netic who says "Anytime he goes to shop he trades, in his mind, for the one thing he buy he trades two things he already has in his closet." Fran liked the concept of trading 1 new thing for 2 older things at home you are probably not wearing/using. 

26. June 29th, 2016

Long Distance (Soundcloud

Creating an audit and taking the time for a conversations with the people in your life. Don't assume they know how to meet your needs or make you happy. Write down what you want and have the conversation, don't shy away because it might be uncomfortable. 

27. July 6th, 2016

Getting Back To Happy (Soundcloud

Weighted Blankets

Weighted Blankets

Dealing with Anxiety -Fran's wellness segment ~> Weighted Blankets @ Sensory Goods 

"The idea of weighted-blanket therapy, also called deep-touch therapy, goes back to a basic human behavior known to calm us — being held. Clinical studies suggest that when certain pressure points on the body are stimulated by touch, the brain releases serotonin. This neurotransmitter is responsible for regulating various brain functions, including sleep and mood." medicaldaily

28. July 13th, 2016

Black Lives Matter (Soundcloud

Black Business Apps that support other Black Business  + Black Business you can support

"Economic change is the strongest way to change right now" - Hey Fran Hey


WhereU - Mobile Guide to Local Black Businesses (Links on website)

Spendefy - A guide to show you where Black Businesses are in your state. 


For long hair Alikay naturals or Oyin handmade (Black owned and Fran supports them because of the ingredients) 


Shea Moisture for Body Wash  

Harlem Soap Raw bars of soap 

Me Naturals for Toothpaste plus more 



Laundry Detergent

True Products

Cleaning Supplies

Dr. Bronner's  - Can be used for tons of different things 

Freedom Paper Co - A sustainable, socially responsible paper manufacturer. Committed to providing you with high quality biodegradable, and eco-friendly products.


HealWithCrystal.com - Intuitive Chiropractic | Reflexology | Reiki | Wellness Consulting | Holistic Doula Services



There are more responses to the replies of Fran's tweet, you can click on the tweet to go to twitter. That's when the replies show. 

29. July 20th, 2016

No Matter What People Say (Soundcloud

Creating a Vibe Board - Allows you to prepare for a vision board. Starts @ 43:45 (Acast Link that starts at exact moment, works on any device) Fran gives a description of what a vibe board consists of. 


30. July 27th, 2016

50th episode - A year In Review (Soundcloud

No Segment 

31. August 2nd, 2016

Imposter Syndrome - Feat. Chescaleigh (Soundcloud

No Wellness Segment 

32. August 10th, 2016

Theater Masks (Soundcloud) 1:14:45.

Forest app.jpeg

Impact Collaboration w/ Shine app

Text "Fran" to 75985 to activate the services to  get a daily positive affirmations by text

First text is from Hey Fran Hey! 

33. August 17th, 2016

 The Friend Zone 1st Anniversary show (Soundcloud

34. August 23rd, 2016

Sun Moon Stars Feat Mystic (Soundcloud

35. August 31st, 2016

Nature vs Nurture (Soundcloud) 49:15

Journal work

Asking yourself questions about the things that influence you. Asking yourself questions about your belief system. Study your behaviors and where they come from, to gain a better understanding of yourself. 

36. September 7th, 2016

The Slash Generation (Soundcloud

Forest app website - iOS - Android - The best cure for phone addiction.

The app builds a forest when you don't touch your phone. 

37. September 14th, 2016

A Toast to Loyalty (Soundcloud

Listener sent in apps 

Tomighty - You work in 25 minute intervals

Pomodoro timer - Traditional Pomodoro method timer with standard time periods. Each Pomodoro is a 25-minute cycle followed by a 5-minute break. After the fourth Pomodoro, you’ll take a 15-minute break.



Mindnode - MindNode makes mind mapping easy. Mind maps are a visual representation of your ideas, starting with a central thought and growing from there. This allows you to brainstorm & organize your thoughts in an intuitive way, so you can focus on the idea behind it.

Airplane mode (lol) 

Tide app

38. September 21st, 2016

What About Your Friends (Soundcloud)56:30

Looking at electronics 

Flux app websiteit makes the color of your computer's display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day.It's even possible that you're staying up too late because of your computer. You could use f.lux because it makes you sleep better, or you could just use it just because it makes your computer look better.

Circadian RhythmOur internal circadian biological clocks, on the other hand, regulate the timing of periods of sleepiness and wakefulness throughout the day. The circadian rhythm dips and rises at different times of the day, so adults' strongest sleep drive generally occurs between 2:00-4:00 am and in the afternoon between 1:00-3:00 pm, although there is some variation depending on whether you are a “morning person” or “evening person.” sleepfoundation

39. September 28th, 2016

Go Head And Use Me Up (Soundcloud) 40:45

Palo Santo - also known as “holy wood,” is a plant that produces a powerful essential oil known for stimulating the immune system and fighting inflammation. Palo santo comes from a tree species native to the tropical dry forests of Ecuador, Mexico and the Yucatán Peninsula in Peru. Dr.Axe 


40. October 5th, 2016

New Levels, New Devils (Soundcloud)  Shameless Maya was a guest, no wellness segment. 


41. October 12th, 2016

Forgive? Forget IT. (Soundcloud) Clean phones (58:00)

When was the last time you wiped down your phone screen? Fran tells us that statistics say phones are 18 x's dirtier than toilet seats. 

Spruce and CO "CLEAN YOUR SCREEN! Cleaning wipes for your phone, tablet and computer."



42. October 19th, 2016

Nostalgia Ultra Problematic (Soundcloud) Internal Monologue  (47:44)

When you hear your internal voice, is it mean? Fran talks to us about changing your inner voice. Fran took 30 days to interrupt the voice when bad things happened. She made sure to recondition her inner voice, now her inner voice comforts her instead being negative towards whatever happened. 

43. October 26, 2016

The Appropriation Sensation (Soundcloud)   (47:55) Guided Meditation 

Oprah and Deepak Chopra meditation chopracentermeditation.comOprah & Deepak’s 21-Day Meditation Experience, Creating Peace from the Inside Out: The Power of Connection"

44. November 2, 2016

The Toxic Culture Of Positivity (Soundcloud) Depression/Funks (1:03:30)

Do you struggle to get out the bed or struggle to do simple  life things? Fran gives us a tip to help get out the funk. Write down 5 things you can do for the day. Making your bed, brushing your teeth, taking a shower, etc. Second tip is to narrate it out loud. HeyFranHey does both to help change her energy and mood. 

46. November 9, 2016

Breaking The Code (Soundcloud) NYC hotline developed my Chirlane McCray1:09:38

NYC Well

First Lady Chirlane McCray, along with the American Psychiatric Association President Maria A. Oquendo, M.D., elected officials and health leaders, today announced the launch of NYC Well, a one-click, one call connection to couns:eling, crisis intervention, peer support and referrals to ongoing treatment services. NYC Well, a cornerstone of ThriveNYC, the City’s comprehensive plan to address mental illness and substance misuse, is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year through phone, text and chat. NYC Well is also accessible in more than 200 languages. Mental health professionals are available to help New Yorkers who are struggling with suicidal thoughts, mental health problems like depression and anxiety, and substance misuse. NYC Well is always free and confidential.

47.  November 16, 2016

Black Card Revoked - Featuring The Fan Bros (Soundcloud)

48. November 23, 2016

Pass The Peas (Soundcloud) (1:11:00)

HeyFranHey gets a lot of questions on where to buy the products she mentions, she gives us websites to check out 

Shamandmarket.com for spiritual needs & iHerb.com supplements and natural health needs/health and beauty (QTN145) code for iherb that will give a discount 

49. November 30, 2016 

Who Do You Love (Soundcloud) Flossing (1:02:20)

Water Pik flossing "If you are looking for an effective alternative to manual or string floss, you can floss with water instead of string! 

(No certain brand was mentioned) 

51. December 7, 2016

One Race Six Genders (Soundcloud) (59:40) 

Resonance Apothecary (etsy shop link

Plant Spirit Medicine finely tuned for highly sensitive

52. December 13, 2016

Don't Check Up On It (Soundcloud) Deodorant (59:15)

Lone deodorant (link to store) the only deodrant that hasn't made Fran smell or turn her armpits black.

53. December 20, 2016

Leap Of Faith - Featuring The Read (Soundcloud

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